Breaking News: The Media is Destroying America

Is the mainstream media complicit in undermining America?

As a 30-year veteran of News and media, I know the tricks they use to instill reaction.

Most news these days is sensationalist for one specific reason – they need to hold on to the audience they have because they are losing revenue. That being said, it’s easy to understand why the chief culprits, MSNBC, ABC-Disney, CNN and CBS, together with the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post and numerous other publications have become echo chambers of several key agendas that seem to get exploited the most, and in doing so, are creating vast divisions between normal Americans who have no choice but to be exposed to the following messages on a consistent basis:

Donald Trump is a racist, therefore anyone who supports him is a racist

Racism is a national crisis and its mostly being committed by conservatives

Gender bias is a national crisis

We can choose our sexual identity at will, including young children

All sexual orientations are acceptable with the exception of heterosexuality, which is now defined as toxic masculinity

Man can control the climate by restricting freedoms and charging people money for destroying the planet, and there is no allowance for debate. Anthropogenic climate change is settled science.

Think about this for a moment.

In our country we have the establishment media now pretty much pushing the same leftist agenda that our socialist democratic leaders are pushing – and in complete synchronicity. Isn’t that worrisome? Does it bother anyone else but me that it’s morally wrong when you have a leftist-progressive group and a propaganda machine (most of the media) pushing out specific narratives in an effort to completely demonize one very large group of people, namely conservatives, and at the same time, are attempting to undermine long-held American values that have been the bedrock of this great American society for centuries?

How is the lopsided approach to presenting what should be objective journalism even remotely fair and inclusive, as the Left likes to say? And why is the bias so prevalent when most Americans do not hold the above positions?

There is nothing inclusive about any of it. 

For example, media commentators as well as presidential candidates are stating that teenagers who are part of the conservative group Turning Point USA, a Christian-based organization, are Trump foot-soldiers akin to Hitler’s Youth. This is a completely bigoted statement that singles out people who uphold values such as faith, family, integrity, hard work and service, and equating them to Hitler’s youth program in Nazi Germany.

What kind of twisted person would make this accusation and how can the media allow such statements to go unchallenged? Since when are Christian values now the same values of Adolf Hitler? What is wrong with these people?

And why is establishment media pushing this message? Do they want children to avoid faith, to not learn moral values (and not just relative values as echoed by our liberal media)? Do we want our children to grow up being morally vaccouis?

At the same time you have newsrooms across the nation echoing the “racist” statements supposedly made by Trump against the oft-referred to “women of color,” while little is made of how these same four congresspersons have previously attacked American citizens, calling our country “a racist and oppressive nation.” How is there even a shred of journalistic integrity when the news is clearly slanted against not only the president, but against about half of the American people who do not agree with these misery-merchants, while seemingly supporting those who are clearly anti-American. Which side is the media on? It’s clear they are on the side of anti-American sentiment.

Let’s now turn our attention the media’s fascination with homsexuality.

Let me remind you that Disney, which markets to teens, is now proudly standing behind one such teen actress (Bella Thorne) who now normalizes bisexuality, or as she calls it, “pan-sexuality” by declaring it’s okay to have sexual relations with “anyone you like” because all people are “beautiful.” 

Not one day after The Lion King was released, teen sites were discussing the homosexual natures of two of the movies cartoon characters. And this is considered acceptable, because we have to be inclusive of LGBTQ rights. This echos the long-standing controversy that was squashed, by the way) when Sesame Street characters Ernie and Bert “came out” out a few years ago as gay on a publicly funded children’s show that targets infants, by the way. Please show me how children are NOT being sexualized in ever-greater frequency. 

And let’s not forget about the drag queen trend that is occurring in places like New York, Portland and Austin where cross-dressing adults are allowed to mingle with elementary school kids, even allowing for physical “playful” contact, while at the same time introducing gay literature to young people so as to “teach them to be inclusive” – without telling parents about this curriculum?

All of this promotion of alternative sexual lifestyles is 100% endorsed and supported by our news and entertainment media in complete unison

Ask yourself how many times in recent memory have you been watching a family show like American Idol, only to have one of its contestants declare they are not only gay, but have been bullied their whole life, and because of these horrible social ills, were driven to find “their truth?” Virtue signal: You can choose your sexuality – even as a kid. That’s the message and it’s now coming out loud and clear.

Netflix has been introducing more gay sex in its feature films, as if to normalize the activity.

I personally have no issue with what Adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom, but I am also sensitive to the fact that millions upon millions of people believe homosexuality is a wrong for a variety for reasons (promiscuity being the most cited reason), and it is NOT the job of the media to “normalize” behavior just because LGBTQ activists are on the prowl and have taken over the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Perhaps the greatest contemporary offense is the how the media is portraying Caucasian Americans who love America as being racist. The message is: if America is a racist country, and you love America, then you must be a racist. Not far behind this media lie is the Southern Poverty Law Center, because of their disdain of Trump, now wanting to designate the GOP as a “hate group.’ MSNBC, CNN, the three major news networks CBS, ABC and NBC almost nightly plays EDITED, out-of-context video bites to show just how racist our president is to an unsuspecting public who only takes in what they feed. The media, using the Gioebels playbook, keeps repeating the lie that Trump is a racist, and if you like him you are a racist. Lie #2, if you are not inclusive of all people and sexual genders, then you are a homophobe or a racist. If you deny climate change, you are a “denier,” and if you believe in faith, family and country, you are a xenophobic bigot.

The media is complicit in destroying America because that is the biggest headline they want. They want blood in the streets, they want racial strife and they want division, it makes news and the promotion of hate-filled rhetoric is exactly what makes for breaking news.

As a media journalist and former national producer, I am completely disgusted by the establishment media and the sad position they have assumed in attempting to destroy the very nation that prides itself in having a free and honest press, and I hope they reap what they sow.  There will be a reckoning to those who betray the values of what makes America great.

Of this I am sure as I am the sky is blue.

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