Mental Illness Is A Sham

By James R Watkins

I still believe to this day that the treatment of mental illness is a crime against humanity.

Now I have proof.

An extensive and replete study published this week states emphatically that the way we diagnose and treat mental illness is in error. Why? Because mental health experts have, for far too long, used diagnosis to justify medication, and for every new disorder, there has been the practice of treatment, even if there is no evidence to support the treatment being given. This recent study shines the light on this very subject – with the end result of having actually created a class – a literal sub-culture of psychotics who fill the streets of every major U.S. city today.

In the coming days I will have a full report, and probably a podcast on Speaking Out, but this is what I leave you with:

  • The medical community of the last 65 years years has put profits ahead of meaningful healthcare and prevention.

Today we treat but we do not cure, and what this latest report says with great authority is that our treatment of mental illness has been corrupted, with the result being the damaging millions of peoples’ brains, minds and lives of those who must now deal with the calamity, all while profits have soared.

Stay tuned. This is big.

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