The Truth About Racism

Guess what. America is made of up different races, and we all don’t always get along. It’s actually quite normal for people to have to work to get along. People are normally belligerent towards one another, it’s human nature.

The Jews hate the Blacks, the Blacks hate the Mexicans who hate the Puerto Ricans, the Cubans hate the Haitians, the Columbians hate the Mexicans, and the Whites are suspicious of almost most anyone who is not white. Anyone tells you different is a liar.

Don’t believe me?

Go ask a clerk at an all night liquor store about racism. He (or she) will tell you most average people are absolutely hung up on race. You have to be cognizant of it because its real. Only people who live in ivory towers and don’t mingle with the rest of us thinks there’s a problem. And some fool in said ivory tower thinks you can somehow stamp it out by regulating it. End racism NOW! As if they truly understand how endemic it is to humanity.

If you define racism as “being culturally akin to the race you were born into,” then it’s kind of like being on a team – your default tribe.

There is a story that while filming the 1968 movie Planet of the Apes, all of the extras in chimp costumes hung together while at lunch, the Gorillas, and the humans also seem to “hang” with one another on the set in-between takes. As social creatures it is our tendency to identify with those who are of the same tribe as ourselves and assume, for safety reasons, that we are more comfortable staying with that tribe with whom share familiarity. It doesn’t mean you hate the other tribe, but it does mean you are capable of identifying group associations. Ask anyone who has spent time in prison and they will tell you this fact. Where do you think tattoos came from?

Except that now, because the Left has determined it so, hanging with “our own” is somehow racist, non-inclusive. It’s like the annoying kid in junior high that you were forced to hang out with because he is the new kid and we all have to be nice to him, except that niceties aside, it is normal to want to associate with members of your own kind. But it doesn’t mean you don’t like the others, or even that you care or judge people who are of a different color, or as Obama put it, “it is hardwired into our DNA” and it probably is a survival mechanism (although Obama was referring only to white people, which makes it somewhat a racist statement – more on that in a moment).

If an old lady is walking down a dark street and she see’s two dark figures heading towards her, is she a racist for crossing the street to avoid them? Or is the woman a just makings security decision?

The Left, or “the fixers” as I call them, are so much about inclusion (well, accept for the people they don’t like) that they literally force everyone to mingle by law.

Dr. Jordan Peterson calls it correctly when he states there are more differences among individuals within the same group than there are among groups themselves. People are generally the same, they have the same basic desires, fears and challenges, but it is absolutely true that among races there are recognizable characteristics between them, and there is nothing negative about acknowledging the obvious differences. Or, as Jerry Seinfeld put it, “it’s only racist when you same something negative.

In almost every culture the people who belong to it almost always poke fun at themselves (or others among themselves while no one is around), but according to today’s ruling elites, this is improper – especially if you are of one race referencing another. It has gotten to the point where it is now even inappropriate to ask someone where they came from, as if acknowledging someone’s country of origin would make someone feel bad

Who decides this?

People are uniquely different. It’s why comedy is so funny, because we as human beings recognize that yes, we do have stereotypical behavior. Humor tells us to not take those differences too seriously. Leftists tell us we should be ashamed for noticing them.

We are all racially cognizant in the sense that we observe our differences and acknowledge them, not because we dislike other people who come from different places, but because we see with our eyes that we are different, and that it’s okay to be different. Perhaps this is why the Left hates it so, because their attempt to to make everyone the same, even when nature tells us otherwise.

Jim Watkins is a former national talk show host, podcast host of Candidly Speaking, an author and writer. follow Jim on twitter @candidspeaker