The Truth About Racism

Guess what. America is made of up different races, and we all don't always get along. It's actually quite normal for people to have to work to get along. People are normally belligerent towards one another, it's human nature. The Jews hate the Blacks, the Blacks hate the Mexicans who hate the Puerto Ricans, the … Continue reading The Truth About Racism

If Trump Weren’t So Hated, He Would Be The Savior Of The World

Maybe we could all use a little Maga. Despite his constant social media foibles, misstatements, and occasionally a brilliant strategy message, President Donald Trump's Make America Great Again campaign is actually making the world a better place. If it were not for the fact that so many people are riled by his unorthodox style, looking … Continue reading If Trump Weren’t So Hated, He Would Be The Savior Of The World

Breaking News: The Media is Destroying America

Is the mainstream media complicit in undermining America? As a 30-year veteran of News and media, I know the tricks they use to instill reaction. Most news these days is sensationalist for one specific reason - they need to hold on to the audience they have because they are losing revenue. That being said, it's … Continue reading Breaking News: The Media is Destroying America

The Heat Index is Stupid – And Wrong

I am not buying this new thing they do in weather called the "Heat Index". I think the media is sensationalizing the weather and using false science to do it, probably as a way of convincing people the planet is getting warmer (which it is NOT). For example, they say if the humidity is at … Continue reading The Heat Index is Stupid – And Wrong

Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Real

TDS. Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Symptoms include:  A sudden urge to yell 'asshole' at your TV screen when watching the news and you see a picture of Trump. A belief that everyone you hate in life is what Trump represents That mainstream and cable news anchors are objectively reporting the truth about Trump. A profound sadness … Continue reading Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Real

Climate Scare Update

People now believe it's now hotter because of human activity. People also believe when it is really cold, this too is caused by human activity. The average dummy on the street, (as far as the media is concerned) accepts that man-made climate change is a fact. It makes me ill to know that people are … Continue reading Climate Scare Update

The Right To Believe Is Under Attack

What is religion and why does it matter? Even if you are not particularly a religious person, it is important to understand why religion, or more accurately, religious impulses separates us from our other animal cousins. Religion is based on a singular idea that there is more to life than just the material world. If … Continue reading The Right To Believe Is Under Attack

The Illusion of Socialism

by James R. Watkins Most young people have been taught that socialism is a good thing because it provides for the equitable distribution of resources, basically a "no child left behind" philosophy where the impoverished have their needs met and everyone has equal access to services that are now seen as a "human right." Socialism … Continue reading The Illusion of Socialism