A Sad Day For Democrats

If I was a Democrat I would have been very disappointed by the first Democratic debate that was on MSNBC.

Forget about the foibles, the technical gaffs and the sometimes Maddow-Todd grandstanding, but based purely on message, here is what I saw with great sadness.

Every candidate promised what their country will (try to) do for them in the form of giveaways, but none of them talked about what we, the citizen, should do for our country (remember that famous line from John F Kennedy?).

All of the candidates pandered to a cause or group, but we are all Americans and no one talked about her greatness, only what was wrong with her.

Far too much time was spent placating the victims of every class and gender, as if the Democrats’ only solution was the mommy-state; more entitlements, more bureaucracy, more social programs that, thus far, have done very little for Americans.

One thing the U.S. government is good at doing is forming committees and panels, but actual productivity and outcome-based solutions get lost in the red tape. It’s why Trump has been able to drastically reduce the duplicitous agencies all started by, you guess it, feel-good policies that turned out to be little else.

The one clear message I got from this first of two debates is that even though the country is doing pretty well, these guys seem to focus on only the people who aren’t even American citizens, mainly immigrants who want what America offers, but for just one kind exchange, their vote

As an American and as a compassionate person, I want migrants to be safe, but I cannot put them before our own citizens, and every time another migrant makes it to America, our local schools, hospitals, law enforcement agencies and job markets have to make room for yet one more person who will receive the benefits from these agencies just by being here, at the expense of U.S. citizens.

I am not willing to let this happen just so Elizabeth Warren can get a vote.

Speaking Spanish was a clear placation, and rather insulting if you ask me. If I was a Latin U.S. citizen, I would be asking you why you are selling out your country.

That’s what I saw.

Could you see Angela Merkel doing that, Or Macron? How do you think the citizens of these countries would feel if their leaders were speaking Arabic, or Farsi while running for election? You would have citizens screaming, “screw you, you traitor!”

If I had to choose from that crop of Democrats, I might get a not-so-good feeling in my stomach, because I would know deep down, none of these people evoked true leadership, strength or originality. 

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