AOC is More Dangerous Than You Think

Every time I see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez I see Hitler.

Let me explain.

Hitler tapped into the anger of Germans who had been sorely humiliated in World War 1. They were broken, and what Hitler did was take that anger and turn it into political power by promising Germany would rise to her rightful place in the world.

Sound familiar?

AOC advocates for unfettered immigration, essentially galvanizing a class of people who are being told they have to a right to assume their place in our society – at the expense of our infrastructure and our cultural heritage. AOC says if you want it, take it, they didn’t earn it and you are being hurt by them (Capitalists).

AOC declares she speaks for the people. Which people? Disgruntled poor people who believe rich people are the cause of their misery? AOC speaks to the leadership as if they are stepping stones to her rise, and in a sense, they are. Pelosi and her ilk will be gone soon. To take her place will be the leadership of the kind that AOC represents, a sullen and pissed off group of poor people who and believe a socialist society will solve their problems.

By 2028 AOC will be 35, she can run for president, and she will have amassed a following of young, gullible (socialist) voters who believe her brand of socialism (which will lead to Marxism) should be the way our country should operate, to ensure everyone is not left behind, so that the rich and the poor are equal.

But then the real horror starts. because you see there are dark forces behind AOC and she probably doesn’t realize it.

If communism doesn’t scare you (because it isn’t called communism, its called socialism), think of who is the big 800 pound gorilla for socialism, and that of course would be China, who are even now spreading their influence throughout the world via the Rust and Belt initiative. China is exporting their brand of social control throughout the world, and people like AOC are the perfect “fronts” for breaking down free-market policies in exchange for a central-planning, government-control policies that are at the core of Sanders, Warren’s and AOC’s political belief systems

AOC is a trojan horse for the eventual overthrow of our republic, but it will be voluntary because every special interest group in the country, the victim class, will earnestly believe that America must become a social democracy if it is “to be fair,” and the poster child for this movement will be AOC.

And if she beats Schumer in the next Senate race, that will be the canary in the coal mine which portends to a very dark future. She will be just one small step away from being elected President, and America, as a republic, will be over. We are half a step from being a completely surveilled police state, and who will be surveilled most of all will be people like me and you, who believe freedom of thought and freedom of speech are vital to our worlds’ interests. When these two things are controlled by the state in order to “protect the people,” we will have become China.

Watch Hong Kong. Watch Taiwan, watch the EU and watch England. If these free nations’ fall to any form of socialism, we are next. First they came for Hong Kong and we said nothing, then they came for Taiwan and we said nothing, then England, then Europe, and then finally…US

Are you woke?

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