Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

I deleted my Facebook account.

Though I was not a heavy user (I never liked putting my information “out there” anyway), Facebook gave me a creepy feeling that I was associating myself with negative energy. I also grew tired of hearing how Facebook was basically selling my data (everything about me AND my friends) to who knows how many third and fourth tiered companies who were then reselling my data to other parties (like other countries)? 

But the final straw for me was the article by The Verge. I encourage you to read it. It goes into great detail about a contract firm Facebook uses to moderate and curate Facebook content. 30,000 employees monitor Facebook content and decide what is decent and what isn’t. You will be more than shocked when you read what kind of content these workers endure day in and day out, and it’s morally sickening.

It’s a job that probably no one would want, unless of course you enjoy reading and seeing human garbage, and by garbage I mean people who use Facebook and post videos of people chopping off cat’s faces, sexually abusing children and show themselves being violent predators for the world to see.

Facebook, if it were truly as big as they say it is, has become the not-so-pretty mirror reflecting the worst of human nature. What started out as a cute dating and hook up site in college has now become a parade of human trash. It’s free and its tendrils reach around the globe. The idea that what you say and what you do can be seen and heard around the world at any moment is simply too much for most people to handle, which is why Facebook is abused by the less intelligent of our kind to the degree that it is today.

I know most people use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. One of my high school classmates recently found me through Facebook. Small business can harness Facebook to grow their customer base. Private citizens can use it to promote their own endeavors and there is no question that the site, if used responsibly, can be of immense value. And for all of these reasons you might say that it would be impossible to live without this wonderful social media platform, except that it isn’t helping humanity if you factor in the promotion it instills for bad behavior.

There has to be a better way than Facebook.

Most social media platforms have become cesspools that allow horrible human conduct. I would argue that such social media platforms actually encourage it. Despicable human nature is now showcased to those who choose to see it. Slowly, immoral conduct is becoming the norm, we are becoming ever more desensitized by such display, and while I’m not a proponent of censorship of political ideas, I also won’t support those things that promote psychotic conduct. I won’t see torture films; I refuse to give my money to any group that I know caters to, or profits from the prostitution of unethical conduct, and Facebook is now being abused by millions of people everyday who have a way of broadcasting their sorry, miserable and unlawful behavior for the world to see, and it is sickening.

It’s like Facebook has become the Sodom and Gomorrah of modern times, a place that attracts the most bestial among us.

As with most things that are innovative and awesome, there will always be people who abuse it. Mankind probably isn’t emotionally mature enough to handle something as free and as wide open as the Internet (or Facebook), nor is it able to control itself when it comes to social media content distribution, and until it does, I will scale back to the barest of necessities when it comes to using it. 

I am using Google as little as possible, and I only use Twitter to support things I believe  work towards the betterment of humanity, of human progress. The IoT (Internet of Things) has now been in existence for a little over twenty years. For me at least, I see now that far too many people are simply not ready for it, or know how to use it responsibly. But while the genie is out of the bottle, that doesn’t mean I have to hang with it, I choose to stay out of it and will figure out a better way to communicate that doesn’t involve my privacy from being invaded, nor my support of a system that promotes the abuse of human beings everywhere.

Dr. Jordan Peterson said once that “if we all stop doing stupid things, imaging how much better the world would be if we did that?” I am paraphrasing of course, for the point is well made.

If we keep supporting platforms that promote bad behavior, how then will things ever change for the better?

It’s the right question to ask.

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