A Glimpse Into the Future: How The Russian Collusion Scandal Will End

I like to predict things.

I predicted Trump would win the 2016 election long before anyone else. I also predicted the lower House would flip to the Democrats in 2018, that Obama woudl win a second term; I predicted Purdue would ultimately go bankrupt because of Oxycontin, and I predicted that, despite global warming proponents, the early 20’s will actually see a cooling trend, which is underway, according to NOAA.

I predict mostly correctly because 1) I study human nature, 2) I know my earth history better than anyone else I know, and 3) I work with a lot of very smart people and I listen to them.

Now I am going to predict a few things about how the Russia-Trump-Collusion scandal will end.

John Brennan will end up being indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud (among many violations) while serving as the CIA chief. He might serve a year in jail, but will be a very long trial that will probably end by the time Trump leaves office in 2024, so the Democrat who replaces him will probably pardon Brennan anyway.

I also predict James Comey will be stripped of his pension, and will not serve jail time, but will be disgraced as he takes a fall for his former employer, Barack Obama, for not revealing who gave him the authority to investigate a U.S. citizen based on false documentation provided to FISA courts.

That’s how it will go down and that is why a) the media is going after Barr, and why b) Trump keeps redirecting back to the collusion-obstruction story, to remind Hillary that she is next.

This latest so-called gaffe of President Trump admitting he would listen to foreign agents if they had “dirt” on a political opponent was a stroke of brilliance. Why? Because if you call out Trump, he simply points at Hillary and it’s checkmate. If we condemn Trump how then can the same people not condemn Hillary, who actually paid for dirt on a political opponent from a foreign agent?!

Meanwhile, Barr and his team continue to sift through the evidence Mueller ignored or downplayed. Robert Mueller assumed Trump had something to hide and was not able to find the evidence. Barr will expose the faulty investigation, which we now know was really a partisan coup attempt to remove Trump from office. And when the investigation has been concluded, which will ironically occur around the primaries next summer, we will then know that it was Brennan who authorized the unlawful investigation, and we will know Comey was complicit in putting the plan into action.

Kamala Harris, Corey Booker and Joe Biden, who were all very aware it was going on (or found out afterwards but said nothing) will have their presidential bids squashed because they will have been exposed as agents in the coverup via their grilling of the various individuals who were called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

And look for a key witness by the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton to fall ill just before her testimony is given, adding that much more drama to the affair. I won’t predict she will face jail time, but I do predict she’ll have Nixon-shame for the rest of her long- sad life.

For a Trump supporter it doesn’t get any better than this, but for America as a whole, it is sad that the greatest Republic on the planet must suffer the pangs of weak and deceptive leadership at a time when the world needs – and perhaps even deserves – something better.

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