When We Weaponize Our Words for Hate

There is something about the 80/20 rule that seems to govern the affairs of men. It can be applied in different ways, but mainly the rules says in every organization 20% of the people usually do 80% of the work.

It can also be said of this rule that 80% of humanity are simply playing “follow the leader.” But it also illustrates a rather disconcerting fact, which is most of us are simply agreeing with whatever message is out there, and that makes people in general easy to manipulate.

Take for example in Santa Barbara, California, arguably one of the most liberal cities in America. Not long ago in the plush, dreamy little town the City Council decided to ban plastic straws. They did so based on a classroom paper created by a nine-year old that declared sea life (and specifically, turtles) are dying because of plastic straws.

Easily enough, the council said they had to do something to protect these little sea creatures and so they banned plastic straws. Some call it being sensitive to nature, I call it mind control. It’s about creating a negative symbol and propagandizing it as such and making any object, even something as simple as a straw, evil.

To prove my point that people are easily manipulated into believing something as trite as “straws are evil,” a video team went to Santa Barbara and video taped  the reaction of people being handed free boxes of plastic straws. Many were shocked, repulsed, actually backed away as if some toxic chemical was being handed to them, and indeed, they believed that these little straws were actually dangerous. They wouldn’t be caught dead with one.

This is a great example of how words are weaponized into symbols of hate, and are easily used to manipulate us into thinking something is evil when it is merely a behavior-controlling mechanism.

If most can be fooled by a nine-year old research paper who says “straws are toxic,” what else is toxic? Masculinity? young boys aggression? People who love their country? The word toxic attached to any noun weaponizes the object by convincing you that it’s wrong or dangerous, even when it isn’t, or shouldn’t be.

Coal, for example is called “dirty energy” to make you hate it, even though “clean energy” would kill more people (who would freeze to death).  Words like homophobic or xenophobic are weaponized into symbols of hate against the perpetrator who might love his/her country, or who might not agree with LGBTQ on moral reasons.

We are, through words, manipulated into feeling hatred by the mere suggestion of toxicity.

Are 80% of people us just following consensus? Is this why it’s now popular to believe that the earth is in danger of boiling with just a two -degree temperature change?

Is this why, despite the fact that over 120 million people died between 1900 and 2000 because of socialism, many are now embracing it as a good idea because their college professor told them so, and because most of your dumb classmates simply agreed because they like the idea of getting free stuff from the government?

And is this why 80% of Democrats believe Trump is working for Russia?

Listen folks, believe what you want and pick a side. If it makes you feel good separating your garbage and cleaning your plastics before disposing them in the trash, then please continue. 

But know this: every time your behavior is controlled by outside forces (the mainstream media, advertisers or social justice warriors), you lose one more freedom, until eventually you will end up with all of your freedoms being regulated or worse, being prohibited altogether, including the freedom to express an opinion and the freedom of critical thinking, the most two most powerful tools any person can possess.

Be a twenty percenter, your soul will thank you for it.

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