Is Taylor Swift The Anti-Christ?

The say the devil doesn’t look like the devil. 

I think it looks like Taylor Swift.

The devil, as I define it, means liar, deceiver, one who convinces you to believe that you matter more than the truth, that your feelings and desires are more important than the desires and needs of others.

The devil never believed in God, instead, he believed we are all gods and all have the right to determine our own goals. The Lucifer Doctrine, as I understand it, is all about self-exaltation, self determination and self-rule. SELF.

If governments and societies were founded on the Luciferian principle, then truth is relative and there is no truth; desires and needs are important because they are nothing more than living life as you see fit. This is why secular regimes have no issue killing millions of people, after all, it’s for the greater good. It’s why much of modern society is crumbling with materialism.

The greater good, according to Luciferianism, is what makes you feel good at that moment. The anti-Christ is therefore someone who goes against the principles of Jesusonian faith, which includes serving others, having patience, working for something that has long-term goals, worshipping God, self-sacrifice, modesty, self-respect (as opposed to self-indulgence). Bearing good fruit.

Now, let’s take a look at the world of Taylor Swift.

She is pretty and she has music talent beyond belief. Her majestic and quiet style moves through space like a dove. There is no pretense, she is an influential person who has more fans than Jesus, and her net worth is equal or greater than half of the nation’s of the worlds’ GDP.

In other words, she has been blessed with talent, fame and fortune (she owns her own island, for crying out loud)

And what does she choose to do with her blessings? She promotes LGBT virtues, she promotes promiscuity, abortion rights, self-desire above all else.

What effect does sexual fluidity have on young girls who will grow up believing that all people can gender-identify? The effect is quite confusing. Girls grow up believing they are the most important thing in life and it is they that determines reality.  All of Taylor’s songs reinforce this very message: You are in charge of reality.

Taylor also has been known to have numerous affairs with plenty of men (not that this in itself is abnormal with today’s celebrities). Great role model not, but it is her message: If you are pretty, flaunt it, use it to manipulate those around you like she does.

She is a pro-Abortion advocate, which means little girls everywhere who adore this woman will be influenced by her belief that sexual gratification is normal, and that having abortions is an acceptable moral standard by which to guide one’s principles.

So again, because Taylor has so much influence on young minds, she is able to completely upend traditional principles that have been a bedrock for society for over two hundred years (in the US), and she has replaced it (aided by an industry that makes money off of her) with a “do-it-all-you-want” culture.

No, Taylor might not be the Evil One incarnate, but she most definitely spreads his message and is handsomely rewarded for doing so.

And she has a devilish smile as if she is doing the world a service.

I wish I could just shake it off.

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