Activist Actors and Why They Don’t Matter

Why does Jeff Daniels need to tell me his political opinion and why do others care what actors thinks about politics?

Do we ask politicians to do movie reviews?

It is as if we elevate actors to a level of being social philosophers, elder statesmen who feel compelled to advise the rest of us poor idiots what to think and how we should view the world (through their experienced eyes, I suppose).

Actors are no wiser, no smarter and no more politically keen than say, mail delivery people, or people who cut hair, or people who drive a truck. The only advantage many of these “acclaimed” actors have is that they make a tremendous amount of money, and are treated like royalty because we have seen their faces on the big screen. It is a natural inclination to want to worship stars, but when we start believing that they are somehow smarter, or more insightful than the rest of us, that’s the fallacy.

I don’t need an actor to tell me how to think. In fact, when an actor does feel the need to speak out, I tend to like them a lot less. My list of actors I now hate is getting longer. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to watch any of my favorite DeNiro movies, or Jeff Daniels movies, etc, etc., because I am no longer able to separate the actor from the activist. If I wanted to know their opinion, I would, of course, write to them and ask. 

Rob Reiner, for example, an actor I never really liked anyway, starts ranting about how much he hates Trump. I say, who cares, Meathead? You are entitled to your opinion, but what does that have to do with your performance as an actor, or your value as a producer? Do you really think anyone gives a damn about your vitriol?

Or what about when Cher declares Trump will be locking up homosexuals if he is re-elected? From where does she find the time to believe in such lies that she feels compelled to share her fears, which are only fears and are not rooted in any sensible reality. Trump has never said a negative word about LGBTQ, in fact, he has been very supportive of world wide efforts to decriminalize homosexuality by imposing sanctions against countries who torture and imprison gay men and women around the world. Our U.S. Ambassador to Germany is openly gay, the first openly gay U.S. Ambassador in history – even after Obama had eight years – and failed to appoint any openly gay Ambassador. 

The one issue Trump has had is the issue of people enlisting in the military and then wanting to have the U.S. Military pay for sex-change therapy and subsequent operations and treatment. Because of this one issue, apparently played up by the media to highlight Trumps’ so-called anti-LGBTQ stance, people have been erroneously led to believe Trump is anti-gay. I suppose because Cher believes it, we should all just believe her – and others – who are simply looking to attach whatever evils they can to the man with orange hair.

This is a free country, people have a right to their opinions. and I personally would like to know, for example, what Kamala Harris thinks about the new Elton John movie, because well, she is a politician and I guess I need her expert opinion so as to help me formulate my own. 

Are you getting my point?

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