Why Rapinoe Offends Me

I don't care that she is gay, I don't care that she has anti-American feelings and if she chooses to disrespect the very country she represents, then that is on her.  I own none of it. But here is why Rapinoe offends me. First, the country she represents has done more to help LGBTQ than … Continue reading Why Rapinoe Offends Me

A Sad Day For Democrats

If I was a Democrat I would have been very disappointed by the first Democratic debate that was on MSNBC. Forget about the foibles, the technical gaffs and the sometimes Maddow-Todd grandstanding, but based purely on message, here is what I saw with great sadness. Every candidate promised what their country will (try to) do … Continue reading A Sad Day For Democrats

Proof that Capitalism and Freedom Wins

All eyes are set on the upcoming G-20 summit in Osaka. Americans should be proud. If it were not for the American economy humming along on all six (or eight) cylinders, tensions would be higher, and everyone knows it. The world is unsettled and it is precisely because world leaders know their policies aren't working … Continue reading Proof that Capitalism and Freedom Wins

Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

I deleted my Facebook account. Though I was not a heavy user (I never liked putting my information "out there" anyway), Facebook gave me a creepy feeling that I was associating myself with negative energy. I also grew tired of hearing how Facebook was basically selling my data (everything about me AND my friends) to … Continue reading Why I Deleted My Facebook Account

Why American’s Need To Know About China’s Organ Harvesting

3,000 cases of confirmed live organ harvesting are just the tip if the iceberg

Why Trump Losing Is a Win (for Trump)

No one ever has a great second term. Historically, a second presidential term almost always ends with sagging poll numbers, a down economy, or worse, a feckless and lame-duck White House that suffers from "short timers disease." Oh, sure, you could go back to the first few presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Madison), who all enjoyed 2nd … Continue reading Why Trump Losing Is a Win (for Trump)

A Glimpse Into the Future: How The Russian Collusion Scandal Will End

I like to predict things. I predicted Trump would win the 2016 election long before anyone else. I also predicted the lower House would flip to the Democrats in 2018, that Obama woudl win a second term; I predicted Purdue would ultimately go bankrupt because of Oxycontin, and I predicted that, despite global warming proponents, … Continue reading A Glimpse Into the Future: How The Russian Collusion Scandal Will End

A Brave New America

Let me ask you if you think the following indicators are a sign that America, as our forefathers had envisioned it, is now crumbling before our very eyes: Our political leaders are allowing millions of third-world migrants into the country without accountability, simply to get votes and change culture so as to win future voters … Continue reading A Brave New America

When We Weaponize Our Words for Hate

There is something about the 80/20 rule that seems to govern the affairs of men. It can be applied in different ways, but mainly the rules says in every organization 20% of the people usually do 80% of the work. It can also be said of this rule that 80% of humanity are simply playing … Continue reading When We Weaponize Our Words for Hate

Will America Survive China?

What if I told you that China currently has over a million dissidents in labor and re-education camps getting tortured, and that hundreds of thousands of these prisoners are actually being harvested for organs on the black market in China (either before or after they die from the horrible conditions inside of these camps), would … Continue reading Will America Survive China?

Why Pride in Being Gay Is Wrong

Years ago, long before there were Pride parades and multi-colored flags flying around, my brother and I had a long chat about being gay. He is and I am not. I love my brother and long before I knew he was gay (which was not that surprising to learn years later owing to his proclivity … Continue reading Why Pride in Being Gay Is Wrong

Activist Actors and Why They Don’t Matter

Why does Jeff Daniels need to tell me his political opinion and why do others care what actors thinks about politics? Do we ask politicians to do movie reviews? It is as if we elevate actors to a level of being social philosophers, elder statesmen who feel compelled to advise the rest of us poor … Continue reading Activist Actors and Why They Don’t Matter