Why Rapinoe Offends Me

I don’t care that she is gay, I don’t care that she has anti-American feelings and if she chooses to disrespect the very country she represents, then that is on her. 

I own none of it.

But here is why Rapinoe offends me.

First, the country she represents has done more to help LGBTQ than any other country. She seems to think that because there are still people who are sick and tired of LGBTQ grandstanding at every turn, that somehow America is a homophobic country. Again, America has done more to further her cause than any other country, and if this were not true, then she would not be where she is today. 

Second, if you want to make a point, why not use your wonderful stature and inspire other countries to stop killing and oppressing gay people. Why do you hate America when there are other countries who have appalling LGBTQ records, places where they kill you for being gay, like most of the Middle East and a good chunk of Africa. 

Third, what’s with the militant lesbian attitude? It’s always the same. Let’s be honest, what you hate is men. You have a bad attitude about men, and I know this because most militant lesbians I have met in my life have man-hatred issues to begin with. Own it.

America then to you, is a patriarchy, and has become your symbol of the ultimate man to hate. Admit it and then ask yourself this question: If you actually benefit from this country, why then do you despise it?

And lastly, so what about soccer? Try brain surgery, or being a teacher. Running around on a soccer field is lots of fun, but not one life (besides yours) is made better for it. You have taken your sport and politicized it. Now I have to make a political choice when I just want to enjoy a well-played soccer game.

If you want to inspire people, become a symbol of love, not anger, of courage, not resentment, of good character, not mean-spiritedness.

Right now, my opinion of lesbians is lower because of you, because you hate.

You are what the Left calls a bully, a spoiled-brat who cries misogyny when you don’t’ get what you want.

In a nutshell, when blessed people are pissed, they offend me.

You offend me.