What Immigrants Do

I know whereof I speak.

In addition to growing up in the worst area of Los Angeles, I was also raised in a home with an illegal immigrant stepfather, who ushered through our home no less than a dozen fellow immigrants who illegally entered our country to seek work and a new life. I became familiar with a growing community of immigrants and because we were poor, experienced some of the bigotry and even violence of being a minority in these South LA communities during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

For those who have completely drank the PC cool aid that prevents you from seeing that there are no differences in cultures, let me tell you exactly why mass immigration is destructive to any civilization that considers itself progressive, or advanced.

History shows large immigrants don’t usually include assimilation to the new country’s culture, habits, religion, legal system, or ideals. America took a long time to get this way. Our free-market system, our respect for the rule of law, our very institutions and infrastructure took time to erect, and mostly through trial and error. To assume a large group of new people will graciously accept and adopt to this new way of life is both foolish and naive.

Where in history has this occurred? Slow, controlled immigration is always the smarter method to ensure stability of the host country. It takes decades, even generations for assimilation to occur.

Mexican culture is very different from American Culture. Our governments are different, our history is different, our humor, music and food are very different. Even the fact that our law enforcement is not as corrupt as theirs makes the point that people from Mexico act differently towards authority than do most Americans. When I see an LAPD officer I don’t automatically assume he or she can probably be easily bought off. Such is not the case in Mexico.

Our police, as well as most of our government officials are not “on the take” as they are vulnerable to being in Mexico and Latin America. This is important. It means there is more trust in our system, therefore the rules of conduct between Americans is more solidly rooted in this fundamental trust. Unlike Mexico, our foundation is based on a developed social system that recognize human and God-given rights, the right to have and hold property, to move about freely and enjoy self-determination. Early America was much more dependent on the fact of mutual survival depending on mutual respect. And it took centuries to get this way. Our immigration policy was much more controlled and much less exploited in the 18th and 19th Century.

Such is not the case for Mexico (as well as most of Central America), which is why these countries still teeter on being a third-world countries. They each have long histories of being subjugated, and when they finally transitioned away from a Monarchial rule to a representative (supposed) democracy, some hit tremendous social speed-bumps along the way, including multiple internal and border wars, a squandering of national resources, bad leadership, corruption, dabbling in socialism or socialistic policies, and now, numerous violent drug cartels that have poisoned government and law enforcement to its highest level, and which has resulted in the deaths of thousands upon thousands of human beings, not to mention the devastation these same drug dealers are causing in the United States because of the free flow of dangerous and highly addictive narcotics.

And this “culture” spans from South American all the way to the Texas-Mexican border.

Clearly, the U.S. and Mexico are not on the same parity when it comes to cultural evolution, and yet we believe that massive immigration of these people will make America a better place?

Our current immigration policies are importing the problems of these southern countries into our own land hoping that we can improve the lives of people who are running scared from their native and war-torn countries. But our approach to helping immigrants is at the expense of tearing apart the fabric of our own people, which is clear demonstrable.

Have you seen Los Angeles lately? The annual budget to assist immigrants in California is equal to most nations overall GDP. We are subsidizing the failure of Central and South American policies, and we arguing over a 5 billion dollar wall. It’s like arguing over the cost of a can of bug spray when termites have already started eating the furniture.

Our welfare and social programs are highly attractive to immigrants. Why wouldn’t they be? Most in America understand, thanks to our wonderfully successful economic system, if you are poor enough, you are provided free food, subsidized housing, somewhat free healthcare and free education. You might live like a pauper, but even compared to the kinds of services you get from the government of Mexico, or Guatemala, it’s still far superior here than life back home.

When lax immigration policy creates a sub-sect of society, as we have been doing since the late 60’s, the repercussions are a) a general degradation of communities over the long-term, b) increased criminal activity within the community, c) friction between communities, d) a drain on law enforcement and social service agencies that are now dealing with increased demand, e) increased drug and human trafficking, and f) increased singled parent families (which tend to perpetuate the cycle of poverty).

These repercussions are a symptom of bad immigration policy. 

Secondary effects of mass immigration also takes a tremendous toll on the pre-existent population, who now, in addition to dealing with the above repercussions of the impoverished immigrant system, must modify their own behavior to adjust to the new, neighboring culture; dealing with increased traffic, longer waits at health clinics, lessened sanitary conditions, poorer road conditions because of strained resources on city and country budgets, crime avoidance, rape and burglary threats. Ask any German or Londoner today if they have seen an increase in these kinds of events because of mass Immigration and they will confirm these things do occur.

Remember, Americans in general, are trusting, cooperative and generous. It’s part of the fabric of our culture. When these virtues are exploited, intentionally or otherwise, by a mass influx of immigrants, these become strained virtues and they become weakened as a nation grows more antagonistic. We as a society, cam embrace some diversity of culture, but it should not be at the expense losing the cohesive social structure that has developed and has been held strong over time. When things like education, health care, civility are eroded because of colliding cultures, something is wrong.

In Europe, we can see that in just a few short years, a massive resettlement of peoples into foreign countries has led to increased crime, tension, violence and unsettledness. Without pointing an accusatory finger at one ethnic group as being the cause, let us just say that the Middle Eastern culture and the general European cultures are far more diverse in scope than almost anywhere else on the planet. Pause to consider that just 500 years ago these very same groups were slitting each others throats. Twice Islam attempted to overthrow Europe, succeeding even for a time.  The war over dominance is never forgotten. It becomes part of one’s culture, no matter if you are the conqueror or the defeated.

Flash forward to today and the Europeans, because of a response to the suffering, has welcomed these Middle Eastern refugees with open arms, most of whom are Muslim.  

But despite this willingness to help alleviate suffering due to the ravages of war, people are still people, and massive immigrant relocation efforts always have the same outcome. The dominant culture will either absorb, or destroy (or enslave by some means) the lesser culture. Who the dominant and who the lesser culture is depends on just one thing: Who is less willing to assimilate and who has the greater numbers.
It could take 50, 100 or even a thousand years, but history confirms this truth: one culture always dominates – or destroys – the other.

In the lesson of recognizing human nature, there will always be people who want what you have and will take what is yours if they can get away with it. Letting strangers into your home will always result in someone being be asked to leave, willingly, or otherwise.

Who remains depends on who has the stronger will.

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