A Few Words for Beto O’ Rourke

My advice to Beto Or Rourke:

Stop apologizing. An old boss said to me the first apology is fine, the second apology just means you can be expected to make more mistakes.

My other piece of advice is to stop waving your hands out of control every time you speak. No one likes it when people act as if the idea has just popped into your head, and waving hands are a sign of a new idea, like it just occurred to you.

Define why it is you think YOU can be president. And be honest with yourself. If there is even a shred of doubt that you are not prepared for the job, and that means you have to be prepared for an immense amount of pressure, then don’t waste your time – or ours.

The last thing we need is a president who is curled up in a fetal position when there is a crisis, and you seem like that kind of person.

Okay, so you get some points for starting your own business (as a hacker?!), and you did become mayor of the 75th largest city on the country, but other than that, what makes you qualified to run for president? If you think making an appearance in Vogue magazine was a mistake, enough that you felt you had to apologize for it, then how do you think you’ll handle the tough things like Russia, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, Climate Change, Sean Hannity and the hard-hitting questions of Chris Hayes? (that last person was a joke, by the way).

On a scale from 1 to 100 with 100 being the percentage I think you will win, I put you at a 5. I have never been impressed, and so far I have not been disappointed. So at least you have that going for you. You are consistent. I just wish there was more meat on the table, more skin, more intellect, more confidence. My nickname for you is Los Manos (“The Hands”) because you are always waving them around like a helicopter.

I have a better idea now that I think of it, how about instead of sucking up media space running for president, run for Congressmen, then you can hone your chops and learn a little bit about Washington before you actually put in a change of address to Pennsylvania Avenue.

And thats the best advice you are going to get all day. I promise you.

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