Prepare To Be Hated

I’m not a Trump lover, nor am I blindly following whatever he does as sacrosanct. In fact, I hold President Trump to the same standards I have held every sitting U.S. President. I expect him to do his job, perform his duties and serves honorably, helping to keep my wonderful country from becoming too powerful that it strips my freedoms away. Congress is there to enact laws that protect my rights as a citizen, as well as the rights of every other American citizen. In my eyes, that is the only clear role of my government. The President is there to insure there is a balance a power, to insure government doesn’t encroach upon citizens rights and to ensure every person living in the U.S. has equal opportunity to succeed.

From the beginning I said check the resumes, look at work history, life experience and ability, a track record. Now, maybe Trump didn’t check off every box, but he sure checked off more boxes than his opponents, and that is why I decided to give him a chance. I wanted to see, for the first time, what a non-politician could do as president.

Despite the hatred and vitriol coming from the Left in ever-increasing frequency, I have been fairly supportive of the President’s policies and accomplishments. My view of his work thus far in the White House, not influenced by hate and vitriol, is that all things being equal, he has done a pretty good job for someone who has never held an elected office.

But the sad reality is that people HATE Trump, and this hatred, like the Orwellian Two-Minutes-Hate display in 1984, is becoming fever pitch. For a demographic that sees itself as inclusive and tolerant, rarely have I witnessed so much hatred foisted upon one individual simply because they didn’t like him personally. In any other world, if you hated someone simply because of who they are, you would be called a bigot, a racist or a bully, but these words don’t seem to apply if you hate Donald Trump. I guess, in their minds, if you hate a bully, its okay, and if other people you know support the bully, then you too, are a bully.

And what’s coming next is going to be ten times worse in impact.

If you think Trump-haters are upset now, wait until the election swings into high gear next February 3rd when the Iowa Caucuses kick off. By that time, the media and the Democrats will be in full force. If it were anyone else I would say that person doesn’t have a chance, and even though Trump has been able thus far to withstand the army against him, I am not sure anyone can survive what is next.

Nancy Pelosi said it best most recently at a New York luncheon sponsored by Democrats. “Trump cannot win (re-election) under any circumstance; everyone must be mobilized.” 

Two days later the New York Times prints ten-years worth of Trumps’ tax returns and the machine kicks in. The talking heads are, as I told my wife, going to go through ever return with a fine-toothed comb and pick apart every business deal Trump ever had (that was reported). They will tear him down, piece by piece, until we are all sick of hearing about it, and arguing about it.

“Do whatever you have to to make sure he doesn’t win.”

That sounds pretty desperate.

It also portends to a not-so-distant future where families, friends and lovers will be torn apart. ‘Trumpers’ will go silent if they have to, people like me, who only care about government policy and government overreach, and who judge Trump on what he does and not what he tweets or what his golf game looks like, will also be driven to the shadows for fear of retribution or scorn. 

And in the end, if they succeed in driving Trump from re-election, one wonders if the next President will be worth his or her salts, and whether or not we will be left with a pathetic leader who only won because Trump was hated so much by so many.

And if that happens I will leave you with a stern prediction. Learn the term BRI, it stands for Belt and Rust Initiative and it is already underway. Oh, and it might be good idea to start learning Mandarin, too.

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