Beware The Media-Government Complex

I have never seen anything like it. It’s appalling when you think about the fact that our left-leaning media elites are actually using Democrats as propaganda. Can you believe it?

You see, in most totalitarian, leftist or Marxists societies you have the government that tells the media what to report. In our country it isn’t the government telling the media what to say, it’s the media calling the shots on what agenda our government leaders must follow. It is not only strange to witness, but it is frightening when you consider the implications.

For example, if MSNBC and CNN, and hence, the New York Times, the Washington Post and others who follow suit, decide that Bob Barr is the fall guy for Trump, or Trump’s puppet, members of Congress echo this concern in hearings such as you might have witnessed yesterday. You have priority being set – not by members of Congress – but instead, by high-profile anchors (and television executives along with social media giants) who have a specific agenda. Political leaders receive free press time when they work with the media on the same talking points. And you can bet Schiff, Harris and even Hillary, love the adulation and a long-lasting political career they receive with cameras and facetime on TV to help them along.

The alignment of the press and congressional Democrats means that government policy, and indeed even public opinion, is being swayed by an activist few influential media executives (and fellow academics) who feel they know what is best for society. If this small but potent group believes LGBT should be an issue, or that Transgenderism should be an issue, or Climate Change should be an issue, or #Me Too should be an issue, then that is what will be fed into the echo-chamber, reaching all the way to Washington.

And this didn’t just start recently. The eventual morphing of the media-government complex has been emerging for decades, probably starting in the as a reaction against the Vietnam war in 1965, which soon became the civil rights movement, the women’s lib movement, the environmental movement, the LGBT movement and lastly, the anti-Trump movement of trying to remove a sitting and duly elected president who, by the way, could care less about all of those movements because he believes government should do and cost less, not more.  A policy that seems to be working despite the disdain from the Left-wing media elite who exert tremendous influence with our elected political leaders.

And so Trump has done us a favor. He has exposed the media for what they are, which is to say they are not a fair and free press, but an activist cause that has the full support of politicians who want media coverage and want social media populist support. It’s a great relationship really, unless of course you are a conservative, a Christian, a wealthy person, or other non-minority person. The media, pop culture, education, public policy and Democrats in Congress belong only to the Left.

And this is why you have the media driving government policy in America.

Could it really be all about the ratings?

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