Confessions of a News Junkie: Why I had to Turn It Off!

Audio Podcast of article below

I admit it. I read news all of the time. But I reached a point where I could no longer trust the news. I hated it. One day I was watching MSNBC while doing some work around the house. I kept it on for almost three hours and finally said to myself, “do these guys ever tell the truth?” The same is also true for Fox, they too, have their spin. And that is the point. The spin.

It’s all fake news to me. Most of what I see come out of the news has little or no effect on my life. In fact, I would say that ignorance is bliss. The less news I watched, the less angry and tense I was. I also stopped reading as much news on line. It was upsetting me and for no good reason. I was just consuming and scrolling and surfing endlessly, as if there was always one big story about to break – somewhere.

But most of the stuff was garbage, I found. Even the Science section has been taken over by activist journalism. Everything is viewed through the scope of climate alarmism. Everything is about climate change and who is dying and what species are being killed off and what new discoveries are made that basically say the same thing over and over again, except that most of what one reads is speculation and opinion. So little of what is reported is fact, much of it, is just to fill the spaces on your screen. One of the good things you could say about the Internet is the proliferation of content. Something has to fill the screen, so someone has to come up with content. Content is like money, the more of it you have, the cheaper it becomes. Commodity is always followed by mediocrity.

So I turned it all off. I also stopped blogging my feelings towards said news consumption. I started realizing that my urge to react was just like everyone else’s that feed in to the machine of human garbage, otherwise known as Twitter. You’ll notice that today much of the news is not about events, its about what someone said, which in and of itself, is not news unless someone else reacts to what someone said, then that becomes news as well. Wash, rinse, repeat.

So today I have decided that since I know much of the news won’t effect me, I am free to do and explore what I want. So I decided to learn Gimp, a software program that allows me to be creative. I also like making movies with my iPhone and I might even start a blog about my religious feelings, who knows. I also decided to clean my closet, cut some tree limbs, make my wife dinner and actually fix some furniture with wood glue I bought last year.

All I know is that I live in the greatest country in the world and there is so much to do that doesn’t involved watching or reading the news. I also don’t feel a burning desire to read every email I get, though my phone is nearby if there is an emergency, and if there is I am sure I will hear about it because that’s the world we live in, unfortunately.


Jim Watkins is a writer, media critic and radio consultant, also the host of the hilariously informative, but somewhat vague, Candidly Speaking Podcast

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