A World Gone Insane

He who has an ear, let him hear.

If the whole world is crazy how would anyone know since crazy is normal?

Imagine if you had a sub-set group of people who are sexually attracted to cats. In the old days they used to kill people who showed this type of behavior. Then, modernity came and we started to call these people insane, or mentally ill.

Then another generation went by and laws were created to prevent people who are sexually attracted to cats from being discriminated against. Anyone who beat up or harassed cat-lovers were deemed hateful and laws were written to make sure cat-lovers were not discriminated against.

After awhile, the cat-lovers started to have a parade to celebrate the feline culture and their openness to sexual relations with cats, some even demanded the right to have marriage rights and privileges. Participants would even dress up like felines and join the parade. More people become more open about their desire for cat-sex, and the next thing you knew, they had a flag and a purpose.

They would protest against any laws that prohibited sex with cats. People who were against the cat-lovers were called haters and “felinaphobes.”

Soon thereafter, another subset of people arose and they loved having sexual relations with dogs, and since cat-lovers were now accepted, why not dog-lovers, too?


Laws were passed, protections were put into place and certain rights to cats – and dog lovers were granted. Not long after, having sexual relations with animals became the accepted norm and more people embraced this inter-species sexual culture.

No one ever thought about what might cause someone to have this desire to have sexual relations with a different species, or if there might be some issue that made it impossible for someone to have sexual relations with another human.  To have asked such an obvious question would mean to insult and degrade people. It is not socially acceptable to ask someone how or why they might feel something. The fact that they do is what is really important, and so therefore, in this open society of animal lovers, have sexual relations with animals flourished.

It is a statement of curiosity that when a world becomes insane, what then is being “normal?” Does normal even matter in an insane world? Is normalcy in and of itself, a relative term?

Normal to whom?

Eventually, in this make-believe world, the ones who do not have sex with animals were considered emotionally wrong, socially askew. Therapy and drugs were dispensed to those who couldn’t “get into it.” Employers required sensitivity training for those who opposed the new normal. Governments began to alter ratings to include intra-sex as being as normal as human sex. Some, who tried to resist, where incarcerated for hate-crimes.

“Pride in self, pride in all” became the new catchphrase for the army of animal lovers who now controlled society. Even science was dedicated to finding out how to create a hybrid animal-human. Finally, one success story came about and the first human dog was born. The dog was held up as the new direction of humanity. Finally, they said, we can all be one flesh, one species, one race.

He who has an ear, let him hear.”


Arthur B. Gauche is a contributing author.

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