The Problem With Stupid People

I fully realize that in God’s eyes, we are all equal. But from my perspective, which is the only one I have, I fear that stupid people are on the increase and this is at the root of many of our social ills in the modern world.

Think about it. How many people today would have survived life five generations ago? In 1890 how hard do you think it was to live from day to day? Do you think young kids back then worried about safe spaces, climate change and income inequality? Doubt it.

As for just surviving and NOT getting the cold (no doctor for a hundred miles), NOT getting food (harsh winters mean we need ration till spring) or NOT getting a new car for your 16th birthday, how do you think people back then were able to survive? The answer is most weren’t.

In Europe and in America there was a real thinning of the herd and only the strong survived. This is partly why when the Mayflower arrived, already had half her crew been lost, only remaing those who had survived the Atlantic journey AND the cruelty that was the Middle Ages in Europe.

America was blessed with a noble, humble and robust type of human character. The weak had long sinced perished, the disabled of those distant times were not coddled, and the inferior-minded were not tolerated because a persons’ life depended on being surrounded by able-bodied smart people like you who could survive the elements.

Flash forward to five generations later and look what you have: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, Michael Moore. These people wouldn’t have lasted a week in the great frontier. The fact that they are still alive today is a testament to the security and ease that has been created which gives comfort and protection to these modern day ignorant folk.

The worse thing about today, frankly, is that stupid people are allowed to procreate, to perpetuate the species with more misfits to contend with in our future.

Stupid people seem to be on the rise.

Truly smart people, sadly, are on the decline; they are having fewer babies. Which is a shame when you think about it. Who will our next generations’ Einstein be? Where is the next Steve Allen?

Who will our leaders be and how will the gene pool of brilliance be saved, or at least protected?

It might just be the future ‘elite’ will Only be comprised of just ‘smart people,’ the only ones who can manage the dumb people.

Maybe it is already happening and stupid people just don’t know it, they are too busy watching Game of Thrones and scrolling through Facebook or lamenting over last week’s SNL sketch.

No we are not created equal when it comes to ability and outcome. This is why there is income inequality, because a lot of people just can’t make a free market society work for them.

Socialism has its greatest appeal to people who have a propensity for wanting something for nothing, which is the bulk of humanity; socialism is the easier path because they can just blame the government for their woes instead of themselves – and live simple little lives armed with a government-paid cellphone, free Wi-fi, an EBT card and free medical for their diabetes medicine because of poor nutrition intake.

Again folks, these people would have never survived early America or any early civilization.

I think about this every time I see AOC speak. Full stop, she is the face of the new stupid generation; she is like a horse with blinders on, she only sees what’s in front of her, not behind her or to the sides. AOC has no context, a trait she shares with the whole student body of this generation of college grads.

You see the worst thing about being stupid is that you don’t think you are, and this, of course is the first mistake.

I believe it was Albert Einstein, or perhaps it was Jane Harper from a 2010 book she wrote on the subject of religion and getting old. “the more I learn, the more I realize what I don’t know.”


Jim Watkins is an author and host of the incredibly powerful, but slightly misunderstood podcast Candidly Speaking.

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