Why I Hate Google

It wasn’t always that way.

We all remember that before Google the Internet was new and information was still somewhat difficult to get. Google came along and streamlined access to information. They did great work. They are still innovative and it would be nearly impossible to stop using everything it has or has acquired. But Google has fallen victim to its own self-aggrandizement and thinks of itself as some kind of global consciousness that represents a so-called progressive perspective that we are all supposed to agree with or be shunned.

The PC culture at Google is easy to understand. Young, smart innovative people, a “feel good” spirit that you are somehow changing the world for the better, but then politics creep in and you start acting like it is your chief function to decide what is, and what isn’t worthy.

Imagine if 7-11 started to only cater to vegans because it wanted to take a stand against meat eaters?? How would that be? Google is doing just that: It is taking a political stand – and then operating as if that stand (or policy) is also it’s brand to the exclusion to those who disagree wit its positions. Those people are given less preference, to the degree that information is misrepresented. Take for example the case where The Republican Party in the 2016 election in California was described as “Nazis.” This unexplained event perfectly illustrates deliberate bias.

Google is first and foremost, an information aggregation company. Let’s not forget that nugget of truth.

Google dropped an AI consortium because one of its board was Conservative. Stupid move and bad optics to be sure, but then Google is also helping the Chinese government to spy on its people. Talk about hypocrisy!

Google should not be in the news curation business. It should allow any and every side to be represented. What the New Zealander’s are doing with restrictions on social media is wrong (in response to the horrible mass-murder of Muslims that was posted on YouTube by the assailant himself). What the UK is doing with its new censorship of “fake news” prevention is wrong. What the Swedes and Germans have done to punish people who use social media to voice discontent about migrants is wrong.

People need to see the bare truth when they wan, especially in the privacy of their own homes. It is not the governments job – or Google – to protect us from reality (or potential “radicalization”); society is not comprised of over-aged children with overly sensitive emotions who need to be “protected” like young children. People are not naive children – we can make up our own minds, unless of course, you are a citizen of China. Google and others think that by pretending something doesn’t exist, or whitewashing it, it will simply go away. History shows us otherwise. When you drive something underground, it actually gets worse and people are then caught off guard by its existence, like the “Dark Web.”

Who died and made Google God? And speaking of God, why does Google NOT feature a section in its news category that offers religious news by default? Why does Drudgereport.com not get added to my frequent apps bar? Why does Google Earth show the Arctic circle as being ice-free?

Does Google deem religion passé, or irrelevant? Says who? Who are these atheists who decide that religion isn’t important enough to have a default category on Google News? Does Google feel a need to impress upon people in Google Earth that the North Pole is ice-free (when it is not) just to push the Climate Change/Global Warming narrative along?

The snowflakes at Google need to stand down and start acting like a company without an activist agenda.

I hate Google right because I know it spies on me and keeps tabs on my tastes, because it is constantly building my profile, scanning my email for keywords, and sells my information to third and fourth parties indiscriminately. For a company that seems to exert some kind of moral consciousness, it seems to have none when it openly sells my profile to the highest bidder, or helps dictatorships control societal behavior.

I am so connected with my gmail and extra features I have to use in my business, it would be difficult – if not impossible – to extricate myself from its tendrils. But if I could, I most certainly would, because Google has presumed to make itself more important than it needs to be.

Sundar Pinchai needs to stop acting like an evangelical preacher. It’s his company sure, but I don’t need him, or any of the Google curators to dictate what I can, and cannot see, and that goes for every other IT or social media company out, Stop treating me like a child!

If you feel the same way, share this message before Dorsey blocks it for violating hate speech terms, or Google pushes it to page 10 on the search index.


Jim Watkins is an author, and host of the increasingly well-received podcast Candidly Speaking

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