Can We Get Over The Gay Thing Already

Headline reads, First Openly Gay Black Female Wins Mayoral Seat in Chicago.

To which I say “Big Deal.”

Why is it, in the year 2019, do we make a big stink over someone being gay? What is the differentiation of being gay or not gay in a society that overwhelmingly accepts homosexuality? Why must a persons’ sex proclivity be a part of the headline when we are supposed to look at being gay as, well, being as normal as not being gay?

When introducing myself to a person, is it required of me to also express my sexual preference?

“Hi, my name is Jim Watkins and I like to have sex with women?”

As a formal introduction to you, is my mode of intercourse relevant to your interests, is it a qualifier, a scorecard of social triumph?

Of course not. My sexual proclivity has about as much to do with my abilities as my hair color, or my preference for vanilla instead of chocolate.

The same holds true for race. Should a person be sure to include which race they like to hang with or belong to when offering salutations, as in “Hi, my name is Jim and I like Asians,” or, “Hi, I’m from German-Scandinavian descent.”

The silliness of making a point of one’s race or sexual identity is well illustrated by such overt “coming outness” that makes it almost trivial at this point. We don’t care and most of us never did!

The only people who care are people who believe such demarcations are to be worn as a social badge of courage, as if being gay or being of color somehow makes you a victim of constant discrimination, which, I would have to believe in this age and in this country, is mostly a non-issue, unless of course you happened to be river rafting in the backwoods of Louisiana and meet up with cross-breeding locals who have never seen a gay person or a person from China, nor would they know what one looks like since in theory, most of us look normal unless we indicate otherwise.

Once Barack Obama became president the argument was over. America is capable of electing a person of color to be our nations’ top leader. Case closed. And with the proliferation of media that swarms and swoons over the first mention of being a non-heterosexual abounds, the odd man out these days is the straight white male anyway, all others are allowed in, as it appears.

The point is the only people who make being gay or being of color an issue are people who somehow still have insecurities about where we are as a country, and this country has bent over backwards to make sure gay and race are NOT a big deal.

In short, get over yourself, we all know and we don’t care.

Now do your job!

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