How To End the Agony of Airline Travel

I am traveling this summer and I want to propose something to my favorite airline. I want to propose that you stop treating me like cattle and do something to make traveling less of a pain in the neck than it already is. It’s bad enough that 18 years after 9/11, and 15 years after … Continue reading How To End the Agony of Airline Travel

Confessions of a News Junkie: Why I had to Turn It Off!

Audio Podcast of article below I admit it. I read news all of the time. But I reached a point where I could no longer trust the news. I hated it. One day I was watching MSNBC while doing some work around the house. I kept it on for almost three hours and finally said … Continue reading Confessions of a News Junkie: Why I had to Turn It Off!

AOC vs. Jamie Dimon: Are You Serious?

Who the Hell Does AOC Think She Is? I only had to watch ten minutes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grilling the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, to get extremely sick. The blood instantly drained from my head as I watched the freshman congressperson talk down to Mr. Dimon like the true Marxist that she … Continue reading AOC vs. Jamie Dimon: Are You Serious?

On Assange: Who Will Watch The Watchers?

I have friends on both sides of the political camp who have differing opinions about Julian Assange. Some say he is a troublemaker who put people’s lives at risk; others say he is a 'beacon of freedom of the press.' In both sides and where they agree, no one seems to dispute that Assange embarrassed … Continue reading On Assange: Who Will Watch The Watchers?

A World Gone Insane

He who has an ear, let him hear. If the whole world is crazy how would anyone know since crazy is normal? Imagine if you had a sub-set group of people who are sexually attracted to cats. In the old days they used to kill people who showed this type of behavior. Then, modernity came … Continue reading A World Gone Insane

The Problem With Stupid People

I fully realize that in God’s eyes, we are all equal. But from my perspective, which is the only one I have, I fear that stupid people are on the increase and this is at the root of many of our social ills in the modern world. Think about it. How many people today would … Continue reading The Problem With Stupid People

Why I Hate Google

It wasn’t always that way. We all remember that before Google the Internet was new and information was still somewhat difficult to get. Google came along and streamlined access to information. They did great work. They are still innovative and it would be nearly impossible to stop using everything it has or has acquired. But … Continue reading Why I Hate Google

A Disturbing Picture of Our Future Reality

Civilization is on the decline. The more one considers the prognosis of humanity's sociological state, the more one realizes that all signs indicate mankind is actually reversing course and de-progressing, de-evolving to a more brutal and less intelligent state. Consider the following examples that clearly show mankind is losing a grip on reality and is … Continue reading A Disturbing Picture of Our Future Reality

What ‘Addressing Climate Change’ Really Means

You hear it all of the time: "Students demand we address climate change," or you hear about a 'March on climate change,' or you hear government leaders telling us they will "address climate change." Anyone who is against addressing climate change is a fool. Who could possibly be against addressing climate change, right? Even my … Continue reading What ‘Addressing Climate Change’ Really Means

Can We Get Over The Gay Thing Already

Headline reads, First Openly Gay Black Female Wins Mayoral Seat in Chicago. To which I say "Big Deal." Why is it, in the year 2019, do we make a big stink over someone being gay? What is the differentiation of being gay or not gay in a society that overwhelmingly accepts homosexuality? Why must a … Continue reading Can We Get Over The Gay Thing Already

How to Fix the Homeless Problem

As I see it, there are two kinds of poor people in the world. The first are the ones you think about living in slums in third world countries. Because of government policy (or the lack thereof) or poor leadership, the masses suffer. Other factors that also contribute to poverty are criminality, corruption, illiteracy and … Continue reading How to Fix the Homeless Problem