How Low Can You Go Jussie?

Can we be honest?

Jussie Smollett is a piece of garbage and he just took a dump on every black person in the country.

For now and evermore, because of Jussie Smollett, the actor/gay person/African-American who allegedly faked his own mugging, whenever there is a future racial attack, an attack on a person of color, people will think twice, or will be suspicious of the victims’ claim. Jussie has smeared every victim, present and future, and to make matters worse, because of his lies, the entire country has lost faith in the justice system AND the legal system in a country that is based on law and order to the nth degree.

Thanks Jussie.

You see, we all have a keen sense of truth, we can smell BS with our internal truth-detectors, and from the beginning, Jussie couldn’t pass the smell test. But that didn’t stop him from wasting valuable resources of the Chicago police department who, for weeks, spent time and energy chasing down false perps.

Chicago’s justice system, because of Jussie, is now suspect, compromised, breached, besmirched and contaminated, all because of a few well-placed people in authority who have the right phone numbers to call when they need to get someone “off the hook.”

I hope Jussie pursues a lawsuit, and I hope Chicago doesn’t settle. The only way for the city of Chicago to regain its credibility is to take Jussie on and make sure it hurts this time around. Jussie needs the book thrown at him for making a mockery of the justice system and especially of law enforcement.

Jussie said, “If I was guilty of even one of these charges I would not be my mothers’ son.”

This is a guy who will to throw his mother under the bus to protect “his good name.”

If I was Black I would be extremely upset at Jussie (and Ms. Fox who dropped all 16 felony counts). I am not Black and I am still pissed.

The only thing that has come of this is that Jussie proves privilege isn’t only reserved for white folks apparently, it’s all about the Benjamins ($$$) and a close-knit group of people who truly believe they are above the law.

Are you woke yet?


Jim Watkins is a media expert and host of the podcast Candidly Speaking

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