Americans Do Not Need To Apologize

When the Prime Minister of New Zealand ordered the playing of Islam’s morning call to prayer across the country’s broadcast I tried to remember the last time any Muslim country played the Star Spangled Banner or Amazing Grace whenever large groups of Christians were slaughtered by a Muslim fanatic. I couldn’t think of one.

I can’t recall any Muslim leader standing up and apologizing or reassuring Christian or Jewish communities when a  Muslim went on a killing rampage, can you?

And I certainly don’t recall the Catholic Church (or any Christian church) standing up to a Muslim nation in outrage when one if its own is stabbed, shot or killed by radicalized extremist of Muslim persuasion.

It seems to be a double-standard that Christians (or Western cultures) are supposed to keep their ‘house in order’ when Muslims are attacked, yet Muslim leaders seem more concerned with retribution or vengeance when a member of its community attacks a non-Muslim.

In Germany, for example crimes involving Muslim migrants are downplayed for fear of stirring anger, an appeasement to Muslims who fear they will be targeted for retribution. Yet migrant crimes represent the largest percentage increase of violent crimes now occurring in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden and Belgium. And yet the governments will charge a citizen for ‘bias or hate-crimes’ if one takes to social media and complains about migrant criminality.

In the U.S., CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) regularly demands reassurance from law enforcement and other officials in “to temper possible outrage” when Islamic leaders fear retribution for crimes.

Take for example after the horrible shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando a few years ago, when members of the Muslim community staged a protest demanding protection from law enforcement to curb potential violence against Muslims after a member of their own community a murdered 49 people at the nightclub. The local Imams seemed more concerned then about retribution than they were about the 49 victims and families who suffered at the hands of one of their own.

When people capitulate and coddle others for fear of offense, we create a victim class.

Muslim-Americans are far less likely to be attacked in the United States than in any other non-Muslim country. It is also a fact that Muslims are more likely to be victimized outside the U.S by other Muslim than they would be in the U.S.

Because of our underlying pluralistic principles Muslims are statistically much safer here in the U.S. than elsewhere. And this is a good thing.

A simple thank you would be nice.


James Watkins is a media researcher and host of the weekly podcast Candidly Speaking.

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