Why The Jews Matter

If you want to know why people always talk about anti-Semitism, it’s because of how long hatred against Jews have been going on. It has been going on so long people have actually forgotten how it all got started.

I’m going to give you the idiots guide to anti-Semitism.

It started a long time ago, around 2,000 b.c.e in a little town of about five thousand people. There were rich farmers, and poor farmworkers.

The rich farmers loved to worship BAAL (not to be confused with the later Ba’al, who became an occult figure, or demon), and the peasants, liked a few different gods, including Elohim, El Elyon and one particular god, Jehovah. These peasants also believed that land couldn’t be “owned,” since everything belonged to Jehovah.

A war broke out between these two factions and rich landowners lost, the Baalites, and The Judahites; the latter were victorious, and ever since, people have hated this small group of very sagacious people (in this time period between 1997 b.c.e. and 1950.

Judahites would be the more proper term to denote this small tribe during this time period, a small group of peasents that were able to seize control of this precious land we now know as Jerusalem.

Then, to make matters worse, some dude named Abram came to town, united a few More tribes and started, one by one, to take over the village, known then, by the name of Salem.

It was, in terms we might understand today, a corporate take over of land and resources in a prized location in geopoliticsl terms. Israel was perfectly situated in the crossroads of an emerging civilization.

Abram, after conquering a few tribal kings, became a big believer in this new religion taught to him that there was only one God and his name is Lord, the Lord God of Israel.

Abram changed his name to Abraham and then decided to circumcise his kids as a way of showing the Lord God his loyalty to teaching one God over many.

Abraham had one rule when he conquered a neighboring tribe: believe in The Lord God of Israel and you can do what you want. It worked and it became the nation of Israel.

A smart plan, as it turns out.

Now to you and I living in the 21st century this doesn’t seem like much, but back then, when there were a thousand deities for every occasion, a One-God concept began to have a positive impact on the early Israelites, it gave them cohesion which gave them power over lesser tribes, but then they were taken captive in Iraq (by the Babylonians) for several generations until they were finally freed, only to be enslaved again by the Egyptians – and unril until Moses freed them.

Subsequently they “wandered” back to the land of their origins and now you have Jerusalem.

Since that time, there has always been resentment towards the Jews because they were more organized, and of course the one-God thing scared the shit out of early civilization. Even the Romans left them alone.

Today, people hate the Jews because of these same land disputes and of course, for religious reasons going back a few thousand years.

We Americans love them because Jesus was a Jew, Charlton Heston as Moses is probably the most popular Jewish figure in history, besides Jesus of course (and Yul Brynner is the first Egyptian I ever remember seeing on TV).

Since Jesus times Jews were killed first for spreading the Gospel (until the Greeks took over), and also because later, Muslims also hated the Jews because of land disputes (namely Muslims wanted the real estate).

People forget that back then Isreal, or the Palestinian territory was like the New York of the world, everyone went through it and the weather was great. Location, location, location!

Flash forward to 19th and 20th century Germany and after World War 1 when German lay in ashes, it was the Jewish communities in Germany who took advantage of the extreme conditions, and pissed off a few Germans, one named Adolf Hitler, for being shrewd business people, a trait learned more for survival than because of greed.

And we pretty much know the rest.

The bottom line is this, the Jewish people, because of their faith in One God over many, paid a heavy price multiple times against many other groups of people who literally tortured these people because of their faith , and even today, they continue pay a price by being the only real democracy in the Middle East.

And it is literally true that the Jews introduced monotheism to the world, and also paved the way for the Son of God and the Son of Man to make his appearance.

We support Jews for a multiple of reasons, just as others hate them for other sets of reasons, but in the end, some fear that if the Jewish nation were ever to be destroyed, it would be the end of society as we know it.

Israel has symbolic meaning in the Bible, Its historical importance is no small matter. After all, God came from Israel, and the Israelites made that happen. It’s no small thing if you are Jewish or Christian, and this is why even today, after two thousand years, Israel is still a big deal.


James Watkins is a researcher and host of the weekly podcast Candidly Speaking.

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