Did Elizabeth Warren Just Throw Me Under the Bus?

I heard Elizabeth Warren make a comment the other day that I found unsettling.

Said she that ‘White Nationalism’ poses a threat equal to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Said she that all Caucasian-Americans who are patriotic are as dangerous as the very people who brought down airplanes on 9/11, the same as with the Islamic State who have been torturing, burning and raping people across the plane for the last ten years.

If I saw Senator Warren and I had two minutes with her on an elevator I would say the following:

“Senator Warren, I fully realize you are pandering to minorities to get polling numbers up, but how dare you insinuate that white people, if they are patriotic, are also racists, and yet even more disparaging, terrorists!”

“I am white, why on earth you would you assume that because of my skin color, and because I love the principles of this country, that I am somehow a racist, or that I look down on other people because of their race – which is exactly what you are doing when you make such stereotypical statements.

And if the elevator was still moving and if Senator Warren had not yet grabbed her mace to spray me in the face with it, I would add the following:

“And dear Senator, with all due respect, if you are going to throw white people under the bus to earn points with minorities (along with the mainstream media), it’s pretty transparent and you are fooling no one.”

“I would hope Senator,” telling her as she was grasping for her breath praying the elevator would finally stop, “that you should review the history of Al-Qaeda and its atrocities, and ISIS and its atrocities, and ask yourself if you really think patriotic Americans would ever, for any reason, ever conduct themselves in such manner, as you have previously stated.”

Any American who is proud of his or her country, no matter race or culture, should never be seen as a threat by any elected official, much less a threat compared to the likes of Al- Qaeda or ISIS.

James Watkins is the Editor and host of Candidly Speaking.

Follow James on Twitter at @candidlyspeaking

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