4 Signs That Things Are About to Get Much Worse

I am going to pretend I am a great prophet, a seer in the tradition of old and see if I can connect the dots on what I predict will usher in The Occidental Spring (remember the Arab Spring?). These four tell-tale signs indicate that soon a nearby fan will be overwhelmed with fecal matter: … Continue reading 4 Signs That Things Are About to Get Much Worse

How Low Can You Go Jussie?

Can we be honest? Jussie Smollett is a piece of garbage and he just took a dump on every black person in the country. For now and evermore, because of Jussie Smollett, the actor/gay person/African-American who allegedly faked his own mugging, whenever there is a future racial attack, an attack on a person of color, … Continue reading How Low Can You Go Jussie?

The New Religion of The Left

America's New Religion: Hate-ism I have tried to tell my liberal-minded friends that they are being brainwashed - no differently from the people depicted in the opening scene from George Orwell's 1984 - where they show citizens screaming with vial hatred at the giant screen of Emmanuel Goldstein, the States #1 enemy, in an effort … Continue reading The New Religion of The Left

It Was All Hillary’s Fault

It really was Hillary's fault. The dust has settled, at least for now. The Mueller Report is done and President Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians. He won the 2016 presidential election fair and square. But one thing we can agree on is that the whole reason we got into this Trump collusion … Continue reading It Was All Hillary’s Fault

Montreal Says Religion ‘No Longer Relevant’

There is a growing trend among Secularist leaders seeking to remove religious symbols from public view. Last year Saint Anselmo Catholic school in San Diego decided to remove the Virgin Mary statue citing it might offend some students, but now the city of Montreal in Quebec will be removing a cross from a historic landmark … Continue reading Montreal Says Religion ‘No Longer Relevant’

Americans Do Not Need To Apologize

When the Prime Minister of New Zealand ordered the playing of Islam's morning call to prayer across the country's broadcast I tried to remember the last time any Muslim country played the Star Spangled Banner or Amazing Grace whenever large groups of Christians were slaughtered by a Muslim fanatic. I couldn't think of one. I can't … Continue reading Americans Do Not Need To Apologize

Why The Jews Matter

If you want to know why people always talk about anti-Semitism, it's because of how long hatred against Jews have been going on. It has been going on so long people have actually forgotten how it all got started. I'm going to give you the idiots guide to anti-Semitism. It started a long time ago, … Continue reading Why The Jews Matter

A Smarter Approach to Saving Our Planet

Kids are demanding "action" to fight climate change, to save the planet. What action do they want?  Do they want to tax companies, fine energy producers, force people to use renewables, arrest deniers, any and all of the above? And to what end? When it comes down the very core point of climate change, what … Continue reading A Smarter Approach to Saving Our Planet

Why Does Trump Tweet?

Trump wasn't the first president to harness the power of social media, but he certainly has perfected the art. He tweets and the nation laments, "why does he tweet?" But to Trump, tweeting is his way of being human, not necessarily a person who is simplistically obsessed with the power of the presidency. He tweets … Continue reading Why Does Trump Tweet?

Did Elizabeth Warren Just Throw Me Under the Bus?

I heard Elizabeth Warren make a comment the other day that I found unsettling. Said she that 'White Nationalism' poses a threat equal to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Said she that all Caucasian-Americans who are patriotic are as dangerous as the very people who brought down airplanes on 9/11, the same as with the Islamic State … Continue reading Did Elizabeth Warren Just Throw Me Under the Bus?