4 Signs That Things Are About to Get Much Worse

I am going to pretend I am a great prophet, a seer in the tradition of old and see if I can connect the dots on what I predict will usher in The Occidental Spring (remember the Arab Spring?).

These four tell-tale signs indicate that soon a nearby fan will be overwhelmed with fecal matter:

1. Unrest in France. For 18 weeks the Yellow Vests have been protesting France, nearly 40% of the French now believe a revolution is not only imminent, but necessary, because of France’s liberal migrant policies, but more importantly, because carbon tax policies are creating poverty. When your gas goes up 400% in one year, you have a problem.

Look for an uprising of major proportions within 12 months.

2. Unrest in England. Brexit is being delayed contrary to the wishes of 14 million Britons who voted to leave the EU, no strings attached. The Government keeps delaying it because they believe without the EU, England will drivel up into a little ball of dust. The people are getting more upset by the day, only exacerbated by the increasing violence, State surveillance and   migrant policies that have led to civil unrest and general fear. Add to this the government, in an effort to offset carbon output, continue to tax the hell out of its citizenry literally to death (because many who live on fixed incomes are not able to afford required medicine dispensed meagerly by the UK’s horrible healthcare system AND rising energy costs. England is fast becoming a hellhole and the people are rightfully getting angrier by the day because of it.

Look for total violence in the streets within the next six months.

3. Migrant Conflict. Belgium, Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany are sick and tired of migration, and to boot, the migrants themselves are growing tired of life sucking in a foreign country. What’s worse, people who oppose the EU-mandated migration open-door policy are being charged with hate-crimes if they oppose publicly (because the governments fear such expressions might create an angry mob mentality). This double-edged sword is only fomenting more anger on both sides and the local governments are losing control.

Look for one side to start the fight and another side to end it, causing the dominoes to fall throughout Europe with 18 months.

4. Trumps 2020 re-election. Even if he wins, and he probably will because the Democrats have become radicalized, the Left simply will go bonkers if Trump wins a 2nd term. If, for whatever reason, Trump is legally elected but forcibly removed his supporters will revolt. If he somehow loses, whoever takes his place will make damn sure every Trump supporter pays dearly, and this could also inspire protests on a profound level.

Look for several riots to break out in major metropolitan areas like Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, Baltimore or other places right after the 2020 elections.

These four points all seem to be simultaneously getting more tense by the day at the same time. I can see an eruption, an Occidental Spring not unlike a few years ago when there were uprisings throughout the Arab world, cause in part by radical Islam and terrorist activity, coupled with military intervention and authoritarian governments cracking down on public dissent.

For us in the West, there is a true ideological struggle going between globalists and nationalists. The problem is that technology is giving government the upper hand. 

Here at home freedom of speech is under attack, freedom of expression is under attack, strange cult-like devotion to sexual and gender dysphoria is being embraced, apocalyptic-climate paranoia is being promoted in schools through politicized science, and lastly, techno-giants are using their vast empire to censor speech that is contrary to progressive views.  

…and if we watch what happens in the UK we will see a microcosm of what could happen here in the U.S. very quickly if we begin to adopt the same lunatic policies now being embraced in England (Members of Parliament are now embracing the Green New Deal platform which will force the UK to raise energy prices and cut fossil fuels in ten years), many of those ideas which actually started here in the U.S.

And finally, I see China watching all of it with a grin.


Jim Watkins is a radio journalist and host of the weekly Podcast Candidly Speaking