Rush and Savage: Voices of a Generation


Perhaps it is premature to say this, but I will. Two great legends may soon leave the terrestrial airwaves. I feel like I know both of them like personal friends. Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage. Rush shadowed my entire broadcast career. I think I have programmed or worked for at least five News Talk stations … Continue reading Rush and Savage: Voices of a Generation

California Is Now America’s First Failed State


California is a cancer that is growing and infecting the rest of the United States. The leadership of this once beautiful and prosperous State continues to mandate policy after policy which undermines the people as well as the small business owner, and forces an unbearable financial burden upon the federal government. Already $54 billion dollars … Continue reading California Is Now America’s First Failed State

The Real Manchurian Candidate


Even if you hate Trump with every fiber of your body, you still have to be terrified at what might be transpiring right before our eyes. As yourself why, allegedly, Hunter Biden would keep hundreds of illicit images of himself having salacious sex (that allegedly included young girls), snorting cocaine off of rear ends, on … Continue reading The Real Manchurian Candidate

What’s In A Word? A Lot.


In reference to the story on PJ Media Dear Merriam-Webster Corporate Directors,  In direct opposition to your recent changing of the definition of the word preference in order to achieve a political goal, I am deeply offended and explicitly angry that an institution such as yours would allow a word to be redefined overnight … Continue reading What’s In A Word? A Lot.

The Fork in The Road: Freedom or Tyranny


Have you ever heard of that bridge in China where people go to commit suicide? I think it goes over the Yangtze river, not sure what Province or city, but what struck me about the show that I saw was the despair of the Chinese people.  They have a term in China that means, "it … Continue reading The Fork in The Road: Freedom or Tyranny

11 Questions We Should Ask About the Coronavirus


Question we never ask about The Coronavirus, but we should: 1) Why are we still not counting the numbers of dead in China and Iran?   I get it that we don’t trust them, but surely by now these two countries would eventually have to acknowledge the number of deaths from COVID if they are … Continue reading 11 Questions We Should Ask About the Coronavirus

The Death of Liberty Comes in Many Forms


Our system of governing has created a problem in the way that it eats away at personal liberty, or perhaps it is the privilege of doing certain things that are simply no longer there for us to do. For example, movie theaters are dead. They can’t open, the local governments won’t let them, and even … Continue reading The Death of Liberty Comes in Many Forms

Why I Voted Today

I originally was not going to vote for Trump. I voted for him the last time and even though I really like his policies and the many, many things that he accomplished, far too many people in my family are not talking to each other, or me, and I just decided that I won’t vote … Continue reading Why I Voted Today

Why Are We Being Lied To?

If we live in a supposedly free country where we have this great freedom of the press, why then did all the major news media on Monday completely ignore the W.H.O’s declaration that COVID lockdowns are wrong and should be ended because the lives of 130 million people are now at risk from economic hardship? … Continue reading Why Are We Being Lied To?

7,000 Scientist Agree: End Lockdowns Now! Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, Over six thousand scientists and doctors have signed a petition against coronavirus lockdown measures, urging that those not in the at risk category should be able to get on with their lives as normal, and that lockdown rules in both the US and UK are causing ‘irreparable … Continue reading 7,000 Scientist Agree: End Lockdowns Now!

When Media Is The Message

There is a scene in the Academy Award-winning film The Accused with Jodie Foster where Jodie’s character is being sexually assaulted in the back of the bar while onlookers are encouraging the assault. Prior to the assault Jodie Foster’s character is dancing, obviously toasted and making herself vulnerable to any less-than-savory asshole that might walk … Continue reading When Media Is The Message

Science Says End the Lockdown

(Reprinted from Authored by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, COVID - Why terminology really, really matters When is a case not a case? Since the start of the COVID pandemic I have watched almost everyone get mission critical things wrong. In some ways this is not surprising. Medical terminology is horribly imprecise, and often poorly understood. In … Continue reading Science Says End the Lockdown

How Do You Social Distance On A Boat?

I had the wonderful opportunity to hang with uber-Libs who hate Trump and probably me as well. But it was one those few occasions where I managed to catch a drift of a conversation here and there, and especially on the lack of social distancing this Labor Day weekend with all of those damn boats … Continue reading How Do You Social Distance On A Boat?

What The US Has Done For Black Lives In Africa Matters

My response to Black Lives Matter would be to suggest a quick review of just how much we help African countries. According the Borgen Report In 2012, the United States provided nearly $12 billion in official development assistance (“ODA”) to African nations. The ODA is allocated to education, health, infrastructure and economic development programs in … Continue reading What The US Has Done For Black Lives In Africa Matters

Liberty Is On The Line

I see this election day as a pivotal time in history because I understand two things.  The first is that China really is asserting itself on the global stage, a country that, for all intents and purposes, is behaving just like the Third Reich did in Germany in 1934 to 1945. They are systemically killing … Continue reading Liberty Is On The Line

Follow The Science on COVID

Below are charts reflecting the current daily death trends in all of the major countries where Coronavirus has had the most impact since January. I left out China and Iran because of early questionable data. But going back to when the virus left China and began moving outward (January to the present) we start with … Continue reading Follow The Science on COVID

What Trump Has Actually Done for Liberty

I have a theory that Donald Trump may actually be an alien with a few superpowers. One is that he never grows tired. In truth, no one has ever actually seen him sleep. He doesn’t. The planet he comes from they only require one hour sleep every few days, and they are unflinched by the … Continue reading What Trump Has Actually Done for Liberty

California Is Dying

I was born in Bell, California. I grew up in Bell, lived in Southgate, Lynwood, Watts, later the MacArthur Park and Alvarado district, and then Hollywood. My earliest memories, besides getting mugged when I wasn't playing pinball at a nearby Century Boulevard bowling alley, were walking the length of Wilshire Boulevard as a teen, getting … Continue reading California Is Dying

Post COVID Manhattan

As of this writing Manhattan recorded 6 deaths in the last 24 hours. New Case counts are well below what would be considered safe, and yet America's premiere city remains boarded up. Businesses remain closed - or so restrictive that profit margins are non-existent; authority has told us we cannot go back to normal even … Continue reading Post COVID Manhattan

Kamala Harris Is Obama 2.0

She is devious, an unscrupulous political adversary without guile, and fierce, all of which she would consider positive attributes. Many of you forget that way, way back about 9 months ago there was an article that clearly stated Senator Kamala Harris was being groomed by the California Democratic political power brokers for that day when … Continue reading Kamala Harris Is Obama 2.0